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The Hub Radio Network provides a vast selection of radio shows for you to choose from, broadcasting 24/7 every day of the year. Since 2022, we have been delivering exceptional radio entertainment via live radio broadcast to listeners worldwide. Our programming includes talk shows, podcasts, and a lineup of DJ shows. You can also join our live chat room and watch our shows on our live video stream. We're excited to connect with you!


DJ on the Set


DJ BFG hosts an entertaining and fun variety show that you can enjoy by tuning in live. DJ BFG also Streams live while broadcasting on his radio show, allowing you to catch the behind-the-scenes action in the live video stream. Join him for a great time!

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The Outlier Affect is a live podcast show that centers around the Utah Outliers, a hockey team. Hosted by Mitchell Slot and Frank Conte, on the show they talk shop, tell stories and give fans a fun place to connect.

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DJ BMT Is a well known mobile DJ in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. He has a vast knowledge of music and entertainmet and has decided to join The Hub Radio Network to expand his knowledge and skills as a radio DJ/Personality & Host. DJ BMT has been with Th Hub Radio Network for several months now and is definitely building a great following with his show. 

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DJ Cam Reeve is an open format and house DJ on the Hub Radio Network, whose shows are influenced by the private events and weddings he performs at every week. From sing-alongs to après-ski vibes, Cam's shows are always a good time.  

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DJ MIxing


DJ BMC is known for playing a variety of music and has been with the network for some time. He engages well with the audience and also hosts various talk shows. In addition to that, he is the host of the Utah Goonies show and produces The Outlier Affect show.

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DJ Harv being born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Harv is influenced by the house, techno, and underground dance music genre's that Chicago is famous for. He loves all genres and will play anything for the listeners. Saturday Sounds with Harv  is his ever evolving project that encourages the listeners to jump in the live chat and request songs and add comments about the show and it's content. DJ Harv is a new radio personality on "The Hub Radio Network" and the world of broadcasting. Harv is dedicated to learning and strengthening his talents and bringing quality content for all to enjoy as his main driving force behind his passion in live radio.

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DJ Timmy B  is one of our newest additions to The Hub Radio Network. Even though he is new here doesn't mean he is new to the industry. Not only is he a well rounded Photographer etc. but he is moving into the Radio industry and will be starting his very own show or 2  in the very near future.

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The Hub Radio Network is dedicated to promoting new and fun shows with creative people. Through our network, we strive to share stories and perspectives of individuals from all over. Our network is always growing. So if you have an idea for a show or a topic you’d like to talk about, drop us a line at

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